Fundamental Pistol Training

This course is designed to get you acclimated with you pistol and establish a sound platform of fundamentals to build on. We start with basic firearm safety to ensure your safe handling of your firearm. Next is pistol operation and maintenance so you understand how to operate your firearm and keep it clean and functional.

From the ground up we will cover the basic shooting stance, grip, natural point of aim, and marksmanship fundamentals to get you on target. Having correct fundamentals will allow you to practice shooting correctly, and constantly improve a proper marksmanship platform. This will enable your ability to use your firearm at the next level, whether that be in a training environment or in self defense.

The course is comprehensive yet fun and informative. Completing this course prepares you for next level training covered in the Tactical Pistol and 360 Concealed Carry Courses.

*As a bonus advanced combat pistol craft concepts are covered including speed and tactical reloads and weak hand shooting.



  • Basic Firearm Safety

  • Marksmanship Fundamentals

  • Grip

  • Stance

  • Basic Operation

  • Maintenance

Gear Requirement

  • Semi-Automatic Pistol/Revolver

  • Three Magazines

  • Belt

  • 200 Rounds

  • Hearing Protection

  • Eye Protection