Tactical Pistol Course

A fluid evolution, consisting of rapid fire, speed reloading, stress drills, shooting on the move, and  addressing multiple threats,  *Steel, and reactive steel targets are utilized.  



  • Complex Firing Drills
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Multiple Threat Engagements
  • Speed Reloading
  • Engaging Reactive Steel
  • Breaking Contact
  • Stress Drills



Gear Requirement 

Semi-Automatic Pistol          Holster
Three Magazines
Gun Belt                                  300 Rounds                          Hearing Protection                  Eye Protection

$149.00 - $169.00 




CCW Permit Course - 06.28.18

“This course is so much more than just a requirement for a CCW in OC. I feel so much more prepared and confident in the use of my weapons now than I did before taking Kevin’s course. ”

A. Beyer

CCW Permit Course - 02.25.18

“I recently needed to complete my renewal for California and chose Application Tactical.  I found Kevin’s course to be one of the best I have taken..”

B. Wanstreet.

CCW Permit Course -  01.14.18

“Just picked up my CCW. I was turned down prior but Kevin helped me get it approved with his expert training and application advice! Thanks Kevin!”

T. English