Application Tactical is approved by Orange County and San Diego County Sheriffs' Departments to provide CCW applicants with the mandated firearms and safety training required by California Penal Code Section 26165(a), OCSD Policy 218, and San Diego County Sheriff's Licensing Unit Policy.  We also provide tactical pistol training, advanced concealed carry weapon training, and certify training for Arizona and Florida CCW Permits.  Obtaining non-resident Arizona and Florida CCW permits expands your mobility and ability to carry concealed nationwide.

We separate ourselves from other providers with realistic training and scenarios, taught from both military and law enforcement perspectives.  There is significant value in our program, different from other programs, because of the comprehensive information and experience we guide our students with.  This information is derived from actual shootings and combat survival techniques. 

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If you meet the following requirements, you can contact us to register for a course, or REGISTER HERE

Penal Code Requirements

Required Documents

  • Completed Online Application 
  • Good Cause  Statement – PC 26202  (Supporting documentation - good cause)
  • Live Scan
  • Two recent utility bills
  • Color copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of military ID and orders (if applicable)

Orange County Sheriff's Department Policy 218 (License to Carry a Concealed Weapon)