Customize your training

Private classes are available to any individual or group of people wanting to designate their own time and location for courses with exclusivity.  These are popular with working professionals such as realtors and physicians, and in demand by social organizations and religious groups.   

Any of our existing courses offered can be privately reserved, and we can also create custom courses for specific groups and needs such as sole propriertorships,  church security teams, and more.



Receive individualized and custom training based on your work location, relocation, occupation, commute routes, weapons carried, physical size and ability, and known threats.

The training we provide is taught through a military/law enforcement perspective, and is in compliance with the California Penal Code.


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OC CCW Permit

"Awesome class taught by an instructor (Kevin) with an extensive background and excellent knowledge of what he teaches. I wasn’t expecting to get a quarter of the quality information I was given. As someone with a large background in associated information this is the only place I will suggest my friends and family go for their own CCW training."

Gabe S.

OC CCW Permit

"Great class! Kevin is super knowledgeable and insightful. My favorite part was watching videos scenarios. Kevin had a rare ability to bring you into the scene as a CCW holder and quickly assess the situation and notice small details which will make you a more responsible and safe carrier.
I walked away much more aware and prepared to make correct decisions. 
Super satisfied and happy I found Application Tactical"

P. Dohrman


OC CCW Permit

"I took Kevin’s CCW class and it was awesome. Kevin knows how to keep the content alive with real world stories and practical insight. The training changed the way I handle my weapons and my CCW. I strongly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in obtaining their license and/or being a responsible gun owner, capable of deterring a bad actor if needed." 

T. English