CCW Permit Certification 05.14.18

There are a few choices for the required training to obtain your CCW for Orange County. Therefore, making the decision can be difficult. Calling different providers, looking at their reviews, made choosing Application Tactical with Kevin Robinson the right choice.  I chose to attend an evening class during the week due to my work schedule. You will not find this with other providers.

Kevin begins with having students express their concerns and backgrounds for wanting to obtain a CCW. Then it is followed up by Kevin explaining his background. As a current member of the USMC, his experience with multiple tours in the Middle East is invaluable. Additionally, Kevin has experience in Law Enforcement.

From Kevin’s personal experience, professionalism and dedication to the student you will not find a better instructor or class.  The course materials, videos and scenarios the student take part in are invaluable. The insight into legalities/responsibilities that go with a CCW license are covered in depth. 

Another benefit that Kevin offers is the ability to further train with him by taking a Tactical Pistol class.  I look forward to this as my schedule permits. Also, Kevin can provide help with gear choice and purchase.  Kevin, thank you for exceeding my expectation, answering all questions before, during and after the class. Most importantly Thank you for your service to our country!

John R.