CCW Permit Certification 08.27.18

I would recommend this course to anybody interested in learning the responsibilities and laws regarding CCW. Kevin is a great instructor willing to help answer and clarify any questions you have. He is very detailed and truly cares that you learn and are a safe firearm owner and CCW carrier. I like the real world examples, the videos to reinforce the information being taught, the intimate learning environment as well as the emphasis on safety. The testing at the range was convenient and Kevin prepares you to be ready and comfortable with your firearm. I liked how the laws/penal codes were shared/taught and emphasized. Kevin really emphasizes that this is a privilege and how to be responsible, safe, compliant, and when you can actually take action if needed. I look forward to continuing firearms training with Application Tactical and am looking to attend their Tactical Training Course, Thanks for all your instruction and guidance Application Tactical!

B. Pitt