CCW Permit Certification 03.17.18

My experience with the CCW training was great . I learned a lot of safety rules that are necessary to learn. The video clips are eye opening and made me understand how important it is to follow the rules. The course is organized in a way that is fun, educational and covers the rules that can save our lives. I enjoyed the course from the beginning to the end. The post shooting section was my highlight of the training. I will definitely take more courses and the renewal training with the same instructor Mr Robinson.

M. Salehi

CCW Permit Certification 01.13.17

Application Tactical with Kevin Robinson was a phenomenal course. The course was very professionally taught. The material is very useful for both those who have been through prior training and those new to the topic. The learning material (both on paper and hands on) helped me truly understand all aspects of firearms and firearm safety. I definitely recommend Kevin and Application Tactical to anyone looking to obtain a CCW and for those who are just looking to become more knowledgeable on the topic. 

Armin A.

CCW Permit Certification 03.13.17

As a first time gun owner I was happy to take this class with Kevin. We had a mixture of seasoned gun owners and myself. I benefited from their advanced questions and thankfully both they and Kevin our Instructor were patient with some of my more newbie questions. As expected from a seasoned Veteran, Kevin was extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions thoroughly. 
What stuck out to me the most is, not only his vast knowledge and love for what he does, but his respect for the laws. I left the class with the confidence and understanding I’ll need if I find myself in a real life situation. 
He offers a tactical training course that I’m for sure taking!! 10/10 would recommend this course with Kevin.

Mark S.


CCW Permit Certification 03.21.18

Awesome class taught by an instructor (Kevin) with an extensive background and excellent knowledge of what he teaches. I wasn’t expecting to get a quarter of the quality information I was given. As someone with a large background in associated information this is the only place I will suggest my friends and family go for their own CCW training.

Gabe S.

CCW Permit Certification 02.24.18

If you’re looking to get your CCW, you need to go to the class with Kevin. His class is very well ORGANIZED, CLEAN and SAFE. Kevin is very knowledgeable in gun laws and well versed in all types of firearms.  Kevin has many years of tactical applications experience and expertise due to his background in the military.  Kevin took time out of his day to help complete my CCW application and good cause statement.  He is very good at following up and helping you ALL through the process.  I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone attempting to have a smooth process in acquiring their CCW.

Oscar C.

CCW Permit Certification 01.14.18

I took Kevin’s CCW class and it was awesome. Kevin knows how to keep the content alive with real world stories and practical insight. The training changed the way I handle my weapons and my CCW. I strongly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in obtaining their license and/or being a responsible gun owner, capable of deterring a bad actor if needed. 

T. English