360 Concealed Carry Course 01.19.19

Incredible course to train in realistic scenarios and develop the skills needed to protect your life. Fun group of guys, useful technique feedback, and a number of new drills. I would recommend practicing one-handed shooting (natural wrist cant/not straight up and down) at your local indoor shooting range prior to attending, just so you can accurately site your target. Great day of instruction!

T. Thompson

360 Concealed Carry Course 01.19.19

The class was a great experience from start to finish. Kevin shows how to handle yourself in real life situations. Expect encouraging words of guidance as you make it through each drill. Kevin pushed me to my limits and showed me drills I can practice on my own to improve my areas of weakness. I would definitely do this class again.

M. Edelbrock

360 Concealed Carry Course 01.19.19

I have had some extensive training with firearms and shootings situations. This was the FIRST time I experienced this particular type of training (not gonna ruin the surprise for you). The training for carrying concealed and being able to react is invaluable. I would recommend that anyone carrying a handgun in civilian clothing take these classes or receive this training. This includes any CCW holder, but also those in Law Enforcement, since 50% of your time LE is not at work and probably 100% of the time your carrying concealed (off duty). Thanks...... great class.

C. Olsem

360 Concealed Carry Course 01.19.19

Class was very hands on with great instructor feedback and training. The class covered everything from some of the laws surrounding carrying a weapon, deadly force use laws, to different shooting positions, to shooting and moving while protecting a loved one. The class concluded with how to call 911 on yourself and the ramifications of what you say or don't say (which for me was not something I had previously thought much about). The class was amazing and should be required for CCW permit holders. I definitely got the impression that Kevin has been teaching for a long time and he seems anxious to share his knowledge. I will be back for sure.

J. Schulman

360 Concealed Carry Course 11.17.18

This course really drives home real world scenarios. Kevin does a great job showing you what to be aware of and how to improve. He teaches points to remember such as what is your location, where is your exit, who is around you, and what is behind your target. At the same time, you are moving, aiming, caring for your "loved ones" and negotiating a course while keeping your eyes and muzzle on the target. Don't forget about reloading. An amazing course. I would recommend that you take it - more than once.

S. Hamilton

Tactical Pistol Course 10.07.18

Great "hands on" experience that reinforces firearm safety and tactical awareness. Kevin and the team were great. It was a fun day with other fellow firearm enthusiasts. There were also less experienced individuals like myself who learned a lot from the day on the range with Kevin and his Instructional team.

I really enjoyed the course and it was a great reminder of what we need to be aware of as CCW holders and firearm carriers in general. Safety was enforced and I really enjoyed the movement exercises we went through. It made you think and constantly move. There were some real life scenarios that got your adrenaline pumping and the instructional team gave some great directive on tactical awareness and how to handle certain situations out in the real world.

I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about firearms and how to handle "active shooter" situations and much more!

Thanks Application Tactical - looking forward to attending another training course with you!

B. Pitt

CCW Permit Certification 08.27.18

Took this course as part of my CCW Permit process and glad I did. It was so much better than I was expecting. The small class and somewhat informal environment keeps things unintimidating and very engaging. Everything you need to know for your CCW permit is covered in depth and more. Kevin clearly has a great command of the tactical applications involved in using and responsibly owning a firearm. His military and law enforcement background make him and ideal instructor. I can’t wait to take the more advanced tactical training courses next! I would certainly recommend this course to anyone seeking additional instruction in the tactical use of their firearm or obtaining their CCW. This is such a more personal and intimate class that you can't help but walk away with a ton more knowledge and confidence. Thanks Kevin!

B. Greenbaum

CCW Permit Certification 08.27.18

I would recommend this course to anybody interested in learning the responsibilities and laws regarding CCW. Kevin is a great instructor willing to help answer and clarify any questions you have. He is very detailed and truly cares that you learn and are a safe firearm owner and CCW carrier. I like the real world examples, the videos to reinforce the information being taught, the intimate learning environment as well as the emphasis on safety. The testing at the range was convenient and Kevin prepares you to be ready and comfortable with your firearm. I liked how the laws/penal codes were shared/taught and emphasized. Kevin really emphasizes that this is a privilege and how to be responsible, safe, compliant, and when you can actually take action if needed. I look forward to continuing firearms training with Application Tactical and am looking to attend their Tactical Training Course, Thanks for all your instruction and guidance Application Tactical!

B. Pitt

CCW Permit Certification 07.16.18

Upon my second renewal for my CCW I decided to engage Application Tactical for the renewal and training, partly because they were local and close to where I live, turned out to be an excellent choice as Kevin's style of training is very engaging and exciting, real world scenario exercises and common sense were a huge part of the training and was all very informative and appreciated, to be very open and bold this is a NO BS place to go for the renewal and my guess is the same will apply for the original process for firs time CCW applicants, the live fire training which I completed last night was also straight up and Kevin just gets down to business and gets the job done.

Highly recommend Application Tactical 

B. Feuer