CCW Permit Certification 03.18.18

I believe that reviews have their merit and value when shared without filter; and come from actual persons who experienced a service or product (i.e. not used as an artificial marketing tool). I also believe that most people provide a review when a product or service is exceptionally good or bad. That being said I offer my recent experiences with Application Tactical.

I found Application Tactical on the OCSD approved training website. I selected them due to the proximity of my home. There were no single source comparative reviews for the listed OCSD approved training providers that I was able to find. I figured the closest one was a good place to start.

The pricing for the course is fair and a little less than the average course fees when compared to the other training services listed on the OCSD approved training list. I received a response to my initial email inquiry with a few hours. This was my first experience with Kevin. His email response was courteous, quick and directly answered all of my questions. So far so good.

I followed up with a call later in the afternoon and spoke with Kevin. In our phone conversation, Kevin was just as courteous and respectful as he came across in the email. Most businesses and services will treat you with kindness and respect initially as this is just good business. I can attest that now after completing the course with Application Tactical (and obtaining my CCW), that the respect, excellent communication and availability of Kevin are not good business tactics but rather character traits as far as I can tell.

When I showed up for my Saturday training class, there were only a few of us (which is my preference). This small class created an environment where there was plenty of time for questions and dialog. No one was made to feel small by my observation; or that there were any foolish questions. So many topics were covered that I had not considered… legal, insurance, best practices scenarios…etc. The course content was polished, clear and the documentation was excellent. I came away from this course with a monumentally better understanding of the law and educated on how to prepare for being a CCW permit holder.

Once the course was completed and the paperwork submitted, Kevin was diligent to communicate with me about next steps and follow up questions. At no point did I experience the feeling that now that the course is completed his support was completed. He continued to proactively contact me to make sure that I was on point and comfortable with my new responsibility as a CCW holder. Kevin is knowledgeable about most of the current state laws and permit application process. He has most of the current documentation for out of state laws and the knowledge regarding the application process for out of state CCW (Reciprocity).

I can offer my endorsement for Application Tactical (specifically Kevin as an instructor) to anyone who is reading this review. If you show up ready to learn and listen, I would fully expect you to come away with the same conclusion that I did.

Matthew R.