CCW Permit Certification 04.22.18

I am Russ Mckissick. I took the shockingly graphic CCW class from the amazing USMC SSGT Kevin Robinson, 5 Iraq combat tours.  I gained a deep sense of the reality of being shot by police if I do not follow police instructions.  Shocking was the graphic death content conveyed with SSGT Robinson’s personal accounts of actual killings in combat of friends and others. Extreme firearm caution is required, and the course hammered home this point.  I RECOMMEND APPLICATION TACTICAL above others I have talked to.  They are superior with the deep impact, I felt I could die, and need to use EXTREME caution.  SSGT Robinson was very sensitive to each participants expressions, making sure each had understood the police procedures, laser beam focused.  I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THE TRAINING. It left me wondering how to reduce my risk (I was robbed) knowing I could confront with a gun.  SSGT mentioned practice and there is a tactical shooting class to practice outdoors in dust and wind confronted with swinging targets.  BEST CLASSES IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.  I am hooked.  YOUR LIFE IS ON THE LINE.

R. Mckissick